PA6HQ in 2015PA6HQ was door omstandigheden zeer beperkt actief in de 2015 IARU Contest. Dit is zichtbaar in het resultaat:…


PA6HQ had because of circumstances very limited activities during the 2015 IARU Contest. This is visable in the results:…

Headquarters Station Competition

Headquarters station DAOHQ, DARC Central, tallied the most Qs of any operation with 19,969. To put the total in perspective, it was 2,800 more than any other HQ station. DAOHQ had more than 1,700 contacts on Top Band and pocketed an additional 3K on 80 meters. Low band totals like that are impressive at any point in the year, much less the noisy summertime conditions. DAOHQ was first in Qs on four of the six bands used for the contest. C4HQ, overall HQ winner, was tops on 20 and 15 meters. Thanks to the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation ( for adjudicating the HQ station scores.

Many of the IARU member-societies use this contest to stimulate activity in their country by encouraging their members to get on the air and work their local HQ station (and other stations, of course).

W1AW/5, operating from New Mexico, made 73% of their QSOs with other USA stations. Most of the HQ stations made the largest percentage of their contacts with Americans. Two notable exceptions: DAOHQ made 40% of their QSOs with German stations…almost 8000 of their nearly 20,000 contacts; and SNOHQ managed to stir up a lot of activity in Poland, with 22% of their QSOs coming from their countrymen (compared with 13% from Stateside). The Russian Amateur Radio Union or Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii (SRR) station, R3HQ, collected 14% of their contacts from Russians (including both European and Asiatic areas). II0HQ filled 11% of their log with Italians (plus 13% from Germany and 11% from the U.S.) while TMOHQ garnered 10% of their QSOs with other French stations (in addition to 20% from the U.S. and 12% from Germany).