Log submission deadline: before February 16 23:59 UTC 2024

Useful tips

Check the following before submitting your log.

  • Mix-up of figure 0 with letter O.
  • The log must be in chronological date and time order.
  • Mismatch of mode and RST e.g. mode SSB report should be 59123 and not  599123.
  • For non-interfaced TRX to Logger. Make sure that the correct band, QRG and mode match.
  • Check for invalid callsigns.
  • The date and time (UTC) of each QSO should be within the contest period. Do not use local time!
  • Lack of sequence numbers or Province abbreviations.
  • Re-submit a rejected log, within deadline.
  • You will receive a confirmation email back from the log robot in a few minutes. Please read the confirmation email and make sure there are no error or warning messages. If not then your log has been accepted and the process is complete. Check Logs received.

Confirm your log is in Cabrillo format

Note the differences between Cabrillo v3 and v2 created by your Logger. Open log file in notepad to verify.