PACCdigi Contest Logging Software

The basic logger for the PACCdigi contest is the N1MM + logging software. In this software with a few add-ins, both RTTY and FT8 can be logged. Of course it is also possible to achieve the same result with other software.


Installation instructions for non-PA stations

Installation and setup descriptions are available for PA and non-PA stations. PA stations use the instructions on the Dutch pages.

N1MM Logger+

PACC LoggerN1MM Logger+ is an advanced, Windows based freeware program, designed to do contest logging and some general logging. Setup instructions are available for use in the PACCdigi contest.

For this contest some specific files need to be loaded

Installation and setup instructions (PDF).


MMTTYThe program MMTTY for RTTY use with N1MM + can be used with the correct settings for the PACCdigi. MMTTY can be found on the Hamsoft website

Installation and setup instructions (PDF).


FT8 RTTY RoundupDifferent frequencies are used for the PACCdigi contest. It is useful to put those frequencies in the list so that WSJT-X does not always jump back to the standard FT8 frequency per band.

Use WSJT-X in normal mode with FT8. So no special contest modes.

Installation and setup instructions (PDF).